Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Moving with Fibro

Well, moving is over. Thank goodness. Moving is stressful when you feel healthy. With Fibro, it was pretty much the worst thing ever. It was unexpected, making it even more stressful. So I figured I would share some tips with you, if you ever have to move with fibro. Or with out, some tips are just universal.

1. Find a friend or 2 to help you. This is pretty much the golden rule of moving with fibro. Many of the tips that follow require a buddy, so find one. Bribe them with food, or goodies.

2. Make sure you have all your packing supplies before you start. Having to run out for more boxes, tape and whatever really uses valuable energy.

3. Give yourself ample time to pack. Sometimes this isn't your choice, but try to get enough time to pack slowly.

4. Take breaks. You will do yourself no good by wearing yourself out and sending yourself into a flare and not getting anything done. My formula is 1 hour packing, 15-30 minutes rest. Even if you don't feel like you need it, take 10 minutes or so to breathe. It will keep you energized.

5. Stay hydrated. Just do it.

6. Have your buddy help you pack things like dishes, things that aren't personal or you need to know where they are.

7. Label boxes. I didn't, and I can't find anything. :-(

8. No heavy lifting. NO! This is why you have a buddy. They will lift boxes with books and things. Lift clothes, and small things. Heavy lifting is bad for fibro bodies.

9. If you have stairs have your buddy bring things downstairs. I went up and down the stairs so many times. We've been done moving for over a week now, and I am still paying for the stairs. Use them as minimally as possible, your knees will thank you.

That's all I can think of! Do you have any good tips for moving that you think should be added?


  1. Don't put all your books into one box. Or people will hate you for it.

  2. Book time off work or plan it around a school break, so you can have lots of time to unpack the non-essentials slowly and get some recovery time& rest. It took me ages to recover last time.