Friday, February 26, 2010

Living Beautifully: Enjoy The Little Things

Enjoy the little things. This is important in every life, be it touched by illness or not. We live in such a fast paced world these days that we tend to forget.

Sometimes the little things are just that, small things like stickers. Most days when I go out I have to carry a cane. It makes me sad and a little defeated. So I did something about it. I thought about the little things that make me happy, one of those things is stickers. So I got out my sticker box and this was the result:

I also added some charms:

So, this is a little entry to remind you to enjoy the little things when you are feeling down.


  1. your cane and my cell phone can be friends :)

    LOVE stickers too!! You have such cute stickers!

  2. I would kill myself on all those charms. XD

    It looks so cute though! And it really is the small things. One line of a song always makes me think of how the small things can up lift your spirit. 'Give a stranger an unexpected smile.' I had a truck drive do that once. Had me feel amazing... until I got a speeding ticket 15 minutes later. @_@;;;; Oops....