Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clothing Comfort

When you live with chronic pain comfort is key no matter what fashion you are into. Today I am going to share some of my tips for dressing comfortably that can help you no matter what your style is.

Choose your fabrics carefully. Different textures feel better on the skin than others. I wear a lot of cottons and other soft fabrics. Allodynia is a big problem with Fibomites, and I am no exception. Allodynia is pain that comes from touching the skin. I used to wake up some days and throw all the blankets off coz they just hurt my skin too much. It can happen from clothing too. Soft light fabrics are the key to comfort when you suffer from chronic pain. On days that I am not all dressed up and just sitting around on the couch I wear flannel bloomers and a t-shirt. The bloomers have an elastic waist and elastic around the legs. The elastic moves with me, and is not constrictive which helps my pain levels.

Elastic and shirring
Lolita is a fashion where the clothing is very tailored and well fitted. Some clothes like this can be uncomfortable to people with chronic pain. It becomes difficult to move in fitted, non stretchy garments. I have remedied this in my personal life by wearing clothing with elastic waists or a panel of shirring in the back. This way I don't feel constricted by my clothing and have an easier time getting comfortable. Make sure the elastic is loose enough so that it doesn't cut into you when you move.

This section goes against my previous statement. Many people hear corset and think of something so tightly laced that you can't breathe, and would therefor be uncomfortable. I can say though that a properly fitted, custom made corset is one of the most comfortable things I own. While things that move with you can help with comfort, at the same time I find that something restrictive like a corset helps with back pain. It puts a little pressure on aching muscles and helps to support my back much like a knee or ankle brace would do.

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  1. Unseen fashion comforts :
    Sometimes, I wear my innermost layer of clothing inside-out, so the seams do not touch my skin. Almost always, I cut the tag off when I purchase a new item of clothing, so it will not irritate me.