Monday, August 2, 2010

But you don't look sick.

On July 31st I had a small meet up in a local garden. I thought, "Ok, a picnic! This will be easy!" We ended up walking for about an hour around the whole garden in the heat and sun. Not so good for a fibro body, let me tell you. But I felt I had more endurance this time. Pain didn't set in as quickly, and I think of that as a sign that the Savella is working. It was good to see my lovely friends, and they brought me lovely things, it shows me that they are thinking of me.

I feel that I have met some of the most wonderful and understanding people from online communities. I've also met some not so nice ones too, but I don't let them get to me. It's come to my attention that certain people have been attacking the validity of a blog I watch, and call it a silly blog because she talks about her illness.. And I ask why? Why shouldn't she write about the biggest things in her life? She's doing it for her and not for anyone's approval. They called her illness "common" like it's not that bad. And she went on to talk about other people brushing illnesses off. So I direct you to a site that I like. "But you don't look sick" is a site that talks about invisible illness. So many people don't think about what they can't see. Sometimes I use a cane, and people can see that, but on days when I don't and I am walking slow and people give me dirty looks is what I am talking about. Many of you know this site, since you are here for the Fibro stuff, others may not. People can stumble upon my blog and think it's a strange combo or that I am looking for sympathy, but I am not. It's all about raising awareness and helping anyone I can. I don't want pity. I want people to understand. So, my lovelies, tell me your stories. Tell me about people who just don't get it, and people that do. You don't have to have fibro. And if it's ok with you I want to share your stories with the other readers.


  1. I understand completely! I get that occasionally too. I focus on the good not the ones who don't understand! Fortunately, I have a good family and some good friends.

  2. I love BYDLS. I once told someone I was too fabulous to look sick. Works well. Until they see the symptoms of what I have, then it turns to "OMG are you ok?!" My biggest problem is that no one actually knows what it is, I think I've met maybe 2 ppl that had heard of it, but they thought it was "no big deal".

    I've been really lucky, I have very supportive friends and family, who have helped me through huge pain flares and crushing doctors appointments. They always help me remember just because one treatment didn't work doesn't mean nothing will. They've also celebrated my good days with me. I'd be lost without them <3

    I can't go to meet-ups that involve more than a few feet of walking right now, but I'm confident that I will again someday. (My doctors are shocked I can walk at all right now lol I amaze them).

    Hope you are having a low-pain day!

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