Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It's August now, and that marks one year since being diagnosed with Fibro. I don't remember the actual date though. So, it's time to talk about how things have changed for me, for better and for worse. I'll use (+) for good things and (-) for bad things.

(+) I am more educated on my illness.
(-) I've had to cut back hours on my part time job.
(+) I've started this blog.
(-) Got denied disability benefits
(+) I've met super amazing people who share this illness.
(-) I don't get out as much as I used to.
(+) I changed neuros to a better more understanding one.
(-) My fibrofog has gotten worse.
(+) I've learned to write things down.
(-) Lyrica didn't help and made me gain weight.
(+) I am off the Lyrica!
(-) My pain seems to be getting worse.
(+) I've found Savella, and I think it's helping.
(-) Had to come off my depression medication.
(+) I am learning to be more positive.
(-) I don't sew as much.

Fibro really has affected my lifestyle. As much as I feel like I am missing out on, I also feel blessed to have met the fibro people I have met. They've helped me learn how to cope, they've been there when I couldn't. We are all connected and I call them my fibro family. With out them, I wouldn't understand this disease the way I do now. I still have lots to learn, and lots of healing to accomplish, but I will get there.

This month I will be posting many links to articles, and blogs I have found helpful. It's a big month for me, even though my fibro symptoms started much earlier than one year ago, this was the month that gave what was plaguing me a name. It's not so mysterious now.

I also want to hear from you, my readers and fibro family. I want to share your stories with the world. If you wish to participate please email me at fibrolita@gmail.com for an interview!

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  1. Fibrolita - loved reading your blog post. Your good/bad things list really rang true. Question for you: how are you doing on Savella? Is it working? I have tried most prescription drugs and way too many side effects. Gave up. I am trying alternative options. So, I just keep counting my good blessings in my life and getting through day by day.

    Hang in there. Blog is great.