Friday, August 6, 2010

Everybody Etsy!

Welcome to Everybody Etsy! the (hopefully) weekly Etsy spotlight. I will be featuring different things I find on Etsy that fit into the lolita aesthetic and that are for fibro awareness or would benefit a fibromite.

First up we have a Microwavable heating pack. You can pick your choice of natural, aromatic ingredients. I can even be used for cold therapy. I picked this particular pack for it's Victorian-esque pattern. Very fancy.

Buy it here:[]=tags&includes[]=title

Next we have a BEAUTIFUL jewelry set. It's vintage styling is very elegant and unique,. The purple gems and little ribbon signify fibro awareness. A very classy piece that people will ask you about.Buy it here:[]=tags&includes[]=title

Just 2 this week! I'll keep searching and come up with more Etsy finds for you.

Do you have an Etsy Store or know of an Etsy store that you want to see featured? Email me at with suggestions!

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