Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Season of Lolita

Taking a page from a post I read on Lolita Charm, I've decided to make my own Season of Lolita post.

It's about making your own trend, by using your personal style. How you dream your wardrobe could go for the season. Now, I can't buy like I want to but I sure can sew. :-)

What can I say about fall... pretty colours, apples and a bit of a chill in the air. And it lasts for Oh, about a week. Then we in MinneSNOWta get winter. What can I say about winter..... OMG GET ME OUT OF THIS STATE!

I kid. Winter isn't THAT bad. Ok, it really is but lets talk fashion here.

Fall is a time of tartans, and so help me god I will get more pretty plaids in my wardrobe. I plan to wear my chiffon-like gloves at this time too. Pretty cardigans and no jacket. Thicker socks that go all the way up.. A time of purples and reds to make a stand. Pretty fascination made with autumn flowers. Apple jewelry.

When Halloween comes around I think it could be time for a candycorn theme. This is one of my favourite candies of the season, and would love to make a tote in the shape. I'd love to adorn my hair with little glittering bats, and maybe spiders (if they don't look to real they can't be scary??).

Winter comes soon after Halloween and I feel like this should be a time for velvet. Velvet in deep jewel tones, and white or black lace. Thick, cotton tights, opera gloves and just to make sure my butt stays warm I will have the fleece bloomers out by now. Tall boots trimmed with fur (faux, of course) and cute wool barets with bows. I've secretly wanted a pair of those BTSSB bunny eared ear-muffs for a while.

Any hopes you have for the season? Tell me about them in comments!

Be whimsical, be you. Live Beautifully.

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  1. I want the BTSSB bunny ear muffs too!! The ones that are bunnies on your ears, not the ones with huge bunny ears. flannel bloomers and wool tights are a godsend in MN winter!!! But now I have a bunch of flannel bloomers than I cannot use here in TW... T^T I should have given them away!!!