Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moonlight Night: Appended

I was looking at my blog list on my phone today when I happened across a post from Metamorphose about their new print. They posted photos of the JSK and OP that I talked about in the last post. Let's take a look!The OP came out about how I expected it too. It's pretty and I love it. I love how the print doesn't cover the entire skirt, but only a panel in the front an back. Great way to use your design skills, Meta! It's much better than using the same design over and over again, just with a new print like some other brands do.

I do have to say this one was a surprize though! I feel like I may have unfairly tore this dress apart in my last post, as I think it looks great here! They used a lot of details, yes, but it really pulls together well.

So, what do you all think of the Moonlight Night series? Did you reserve it? Personally I would love to own the OP and skirt!

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