Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moonlight Night

Moonlight Night! This is the latest print from Metamorphose, my favourite brand. I post about them more since they are my favourite so I follow them a little closer.

This print goes up for reserve on September 2nd Japanese time. So today! Unfortunately I don't have the funds to reserve this but I do think it's beautiful.
I only wish they had more prototypes of the dress posted, instead of just the line drawings. This print sure is a wonderful way to kick off fall though!I like the design of this dress. But Meta has shown lovely line designs with poor execution in the past. I think many people will find the choker bit a little costume like, but I like it and I think it could be coordinated nicely. I hope it comes back looking good, and not a hot mess.

The skirt is my favourite of the line. Not only can I see the finished product (not well, turn up the contrast Meta!) but it just seems simple enough for fall. Fall gives way to more classic stylings and warm layers, and I just feel this would fit with the aesthetic I am looking at for fall.The JSK really leaves something to be desired. Corset lacing, buttons, waist ruffles, shoulder ruffles, and what I am assuming is draped chiffon?? Meta seems like they are taking a page from the OTT book of AP with this one, but didn't quite get it right. This dress has too much going on, and they are using it for a print. I see this on either being immensely popular among the Japanese lolitas for reasons I will never understand, or popped into Lucky Packs at the end of the year because they just couldn't sell it. I could be wrong though, this dress may come back stunning, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
Now speaking of hot messes here is the headdress for the line. It's nice to see the rectangle headdresses come out instead of head eating bows (they look silly on me) or bonnets, but this one was a mistake. They used the printed fabric in a way that just makes the headdress look like it's been soiled, and it doesn't seem well thought out. I am really not a fan of this lace,it looks scratchy like your hair would get caught on it and cause frizziness. I like the over all design, it's just executed poorly. With nicer lace and solid fabric this would be on my wishlist, but as is I want no part of. it.

Over all this line had great potential and I am sad to see how it turned out. The print is gorgeous, but with out good garment design even the most lovely of prints will look terrible

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