Saturday, October 23, 2010

My lolita pet peeves

1. No petticoat. Lolita fashion is defined by it's bell shaped skirt, which is achieved by wearing a petticoat. This so called "casual lolita" trend that has come up is an oxymoron and part of people's excuse for not wearing one. With out a petticoat, it's not lolita, it's more like casual kawaii or something.

2.HUGE bonnets. I mean, you can get reception or you may have to whisper for fear of your voice being amplified. Really huge. Like a satellite on your head. They are ridiculous. And I just can't understand them. lol

3. The opinion that burando (Japanese brand items) are the only way to be a good lolita and non-printed or offbrand items are for "beginners". I don't even know how this started... I guess with all the AP prints coming out and that being the hot in thing to wear or some things. Let's see... I have 4 brand dresses. 4. All from Meta. Ok, so 3 of them are prints (maybe 2, does the embroidered Feather Cross dress count???). The rest is handmade. Seriously. Back when I posted on Daily_Lolita on LJ people I'd forget to do the outfit run-down and people would ask me what brand I was wearing. Well, it's all off-brand, I'd say. They would then tell me how it looked so good they thought it was brand. And I face palmed. There is also apparently a rumor on the internet about MN lolitas being stuck up brand-whores, since we always look so good in photos it MUST BE the all mighty burando.

4. People that think sweet is the only style. It's not. Colours other than pastels exist, so don't forget us classic and gothic girls!

5. Newbies that can't take con-crit and/or apologies or ask people to "be nice" coze they are new. One, we are not all screeching harpies who's only wish is to appease the gods Mana-sama and Maki and Asuka. We shall not come after you with torches and pitch forks to rid you of bad lace. We were all beginners once. Me too, and let me tell you some of the new girls that are apologizing look better than I did in my first attempt. Also, if we tell you something in your outfit needs improvement don't be snarky and make excuses and baawww, we are only trying to help you improve your sense of style.

Ok, so that was a pretty fun exercise! I think I will post things like this more often!


  1. It was on the main LJ comm actually, not lolita_secret anonymous ;) It was started by the girl who writes Lolita in Secret blog

    Haha your first pet peeve is the exact opposite of one of my pet peeves!!

  2. The "bell-shape or die" attitude in the community is one of my pet peeves. It isn't that skirts shouldn't have poof, but there is more than one shape of skirt - even in the handbook! ( Bell-shape is #1 on the list of dress styles, of course, but that is followed by A-line, empire, tiered, flared, pleated...