Monday, October 4, 2010

Sometimes life gets in the way....

...of blogging! I've been so busy this past month. It's been crazy, but fun. Sometimes not fun. :-(Let's start from the beginning I suppose. I write as well as I remember.I was feeling very depressed so I requested to go back on Pristiq again. They started me off slow to try and avoid seratonin syndrome. I started at 25mg for a week and then bumped it up to the full 50mg for another week. About 3 days into the 50mg dosage I got seratonin syndrome. It was aweful. I was hot and dizzy and my heart was all thumpy. I went to the ER and they did an EKG, and made me sit for about 2 hours then told me not to take Savella and Pristiq together. Well, duh. So long story short I played phone tag with my doctors for a while and am now no longer taking the Savella. The best part is that I am not afraid to leave the house as much. I even got the mail on my own for the first time in months. The worst part is that I am having more pain.
About a week after I came off my Savella was my very first fashion show. Well, ok I've been in shows before, but as a model. This was my first show as a designer. We left Saint Cloud on Thursday and checked into a hotel since I had to be there at 12 on Friday. We thought the hotel would be a convenience, but in reality it just made things harder I think. I've been doing gluten free for my IBS, and the continental breakfast was anything but. Also, the hotel room was super small and the bed was hard. So I won't be staying there again. In all the show went great. I must have run up and down 2 flights of stairs at least 60 times that day. By the end of everything my legs were shaking from the pain. But the show was awesome.This is a photo of me and my models from the show.
In true Fibrolita fashion I managed to forget my clothes for the show at home. So I am wearing clothing from Scoundrelle's Keep. Photo by Photosynthetic. Check out the shop for my clothing at

The next day was the birthday party of my friend, and I drank too much and danced too much. Relaxing on the couch at the club, my back was hurting.
Relaxing on the couch at the club, my back was hurting.

Sharing Lambic with Jon. Turns out it's not gluten free.

A cosmopolitan. It was yummy.

So by Sunday I was in full on flare mode. But I wanted to visit the Mall of America before I had to go back to Saint Cloud. So I got pushed around the mall in a wheelchair for the day.

I am just now beginning to get over the flare, which is nice, but being laid up for a week was not.

Yesterday I went apple picking with my friends too! I will make a different post for that. :-)

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